Shakespeare’s Horses Diptych


2 individual pieces: 12×12 collage and acrylic on cradled panel


These two began as one painting on a single large sheet of paper.  Over time and through many layers of collage and paint they made it clear they wanted to be standalone works, yet they are still unified. To that end I’m offering them together, with a significant savings

Shakespeare fans will recognize the titles:

I will not change my horse with any that treads but on four pasterns. Çà ha! He bounds from the earth, as if his entrails were hairs, le cheval volant, the Pegasus, qui a les narines de feu. When I bestride him, I soar; I am a hawk; he trots the air. The earth sings when he touches it. The basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.

Nay, the man hath no wit that cannot, from the rising of the lark to the lodging of the lamb, vary deserved praise on my palfrey. It is a theme as fluent as the sea. Turn the sands into eloquent tongues, and my horse is argument for them all.

Henry V Act 111 scene 7


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