Tom’s Cove Twilight: Framed Haiku Print

7×5 print of original Oil and Cold Wax painting, matted and framed to 8×10


I normally don’t do prints of my paintings- I want my art time to focus on exploring new work!  But when the Washing Street Artis’s Co-op announced their Haiku show, I knew I had to do it!  The premise- write a Haiku to go with a framed print of your painting.  Bliss!

The last night on Assateague, I watched the sun set across Tom’s Cove over Chincoteague.  Conflicting feelings battled within me- exaltation at the week and a half we had just experienced, wonder at the ineffable beauty and endless fascination of the world, deep sadness at saying goodbye. Fish leapt, and their landing made a musical plink.  Mark teased me for trying to catch one one on film despite the dying light. (I did :-))

Tom’s Cove twilight, day

fades, breeze kisses fresh sunburn

Splash! The last fish leaps

If your visual aesthetic prefers, I will remove the written haiku from the frame before delivery.

Click here for the original Oil and Cold Wax painting.


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