Terrific fun at the Art for the Animals Reception in Hagerstown , MD!

I ended up talking Halflingers to a fellow artist/equestrian.  We just barely managed to NOT bring home Idgie the amazingly adorable (and adoptable!) spokespuppy for For Otis’ Sake, the beneficiary of the fundraiser.  My pieces were enthusiastically received, with a lot of buzz particularly around my goofy giraffe.  I LOVE the frame Howard’s chose for my “Marsh Morning!” Sorry for the angle and the glare-they hung it waaaay up there!

People’s choice voting goes through October 13, so stop in, enjoy walls of art, bid and vote! Join us for the nailbiting silent auction finish and “tail end” reception and awards ceremony on October 20 at 1256 Dual Highway in Hagerstown, MD.